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Rebrand Nigeria Campaign

Why Rebrand Nigeria?

A brand is more than a single image or word. A successful brand lives in the hearts and minds of the prospective audience, likewise a bad brand. Location or place branding is where a town, region or country consciously seeks to create a unique and competitive identity for itself with the aim of positioning itself as a good destination for trade, tourism, investments, and socio-cultural international relations.

Nigeria belongs to all of us regardless of our differing cultural and religious backgrounds. With over 250 ethnic groups, Nigeria is one of the most ethnic-diverse countries in the world. For rising above our ethnic and religious sentiments to live together as one is worth celebrating.
Also worthy of note is that the number of Nigerians, within and in Diaspora who are contributing immensely towards global development and in making the country proud far outweighs the number of those who have deviated from our national values.

At the Ugwumba Center for Leadership Development in Africa, we are desirous of supporting the government in promoting the image of Nigeria outside the shores of our land as this is a clarion call for all. As a result, we have designed a program called the “Rebrand Nigeria Campaign” to enable us to achieve this objective.
The campaign will aggressively showcase hardworking Nigerians around the globe who are making great impacts and contributing to both national and global development thereby improving our national image and reputation.

Rebrand Nigeria


Identify Rebrand Nigeria Ambassadors

These are those individuals, at home and abroad, who are excelling in their various fields of endeavor and contributing to national and global development.

Showcase the Rebrand Nigeria Ambassadors Weekly

Every week, we will highlight one Nigerian person who is having a global impact through online social and news media. This strategy will allow us to stimulate global and local dialogues about the Rebrand Nigeria Campaign. These hashtags were designed to adequately control the campaign's internet broadcasts and conversations:#RebrandNigeria #RebrandNigeriaAmbassadors

Organize Rebrand Nigeria Conferences

To localize the campaign towards changing the orientations of our youths, we shall regularly organize Rebrand Nigeria Conferences where issues concerning the subject matter shall be discussed. Through the conferences, Nigerian youths shall be trained on principles of patriotism, our national values and to always 'Think Nigeria First'

Organize Annual Rebrand Nigeria Ambassadors Awards

To encourage more Nigerian citizens, home and abroad, to carry out their daily activities with integrity and honesty, we shall recognize and celebrate our Rebrand Nigeria Ambassadors at the Annual Rebrand Nigeria.

Rebrand Nigeria


The mission of this campaign is to promote a global image and perception of Nigerians as good and hardworking people. This campaign will do the following for the country:

Rebrand Nigeria


The following are prospective partners in this project:

  • State Governments
  • All Relevant Federal Ministries and Agencies
  • Interested Foreign Missions and Embassies
  • Interested Civil Society Organizations and NGOs
  • Interested Government owned Television and Radio Stations
  • Interested Private Television and Radio Houses
  • Interested Corporate Organization
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